One day when the park was open, Keith Kittle, Director of Marketing

(in charge of Entertainment at the time) made Curt Daniels close the

park.  About 5:00 p.m., Keith ran down the stairs and confronted

Curt, who was in his outlaw character, and told him to close the

park, because Marshal Clyde was doing a First Aid and could not do

it.  Curt, alias Waco, was not for it.  He said, "Keith, I'm the

outlaw today.  I can't close the park."  Keith, not one to be told

no, demanded Curt close the park and to get right to it.  Curt walked

right over to the Marshal's Office, queued up the microphone on the

public address system and made this closing statement:  "This is the

outlaw speaking.  The park is closed.  GET OUT!"  Curt was never

asked to close the park as an outlaw again.


By Curt Daniels and Randy Mitchell