Happy Hollow Park & Zoo to bring back the Antique Auto Ride!

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Drive back in time on the Antique Auto's at Frontier Village Amusement Park!
One of the main attractions at Frontier Village was the creation of the Antique Auto ride that carried thousands of young and old drivers alike through the tree lined "roads" of Frontier Village. The ride became so popular that the park added another car ride to its roster, the Duster-Turnpike, in which gas enginesaauto6.jpg (55970 bytes) replaced the quiet  electric hum of the Antique Autos. When Frontier Village closed its gates in 1980, the city of San Jose stepped in and purchased the classic attraction with the hopes of reopening the ride in the city owned and operated Happy Hollow Park and Zoo. The cars sat in storage for more than twenty years until Happy Hollow recently decided to  put together a plan to bring back the old cars and a little lost glory of Frontier Village!

In April, we got a chance to tour Happy Hollow and see the old cars. Barbara Coats, Family Park Manager at Happy Hollow, shared her vision of the old attraction and how it would fit in with Happy Hollow.

"We have had these cars sitting in storage for years and we have a standing offer from a company in Seattle to refurbish the cars. Apparently they were the some of the same people who helped service the cars at Frontier Village." explained Barbara. "The park wants to refurbish and re-open the Old Mill Pond where the autos would circle the pond. The plans include a bridge to bring the cars over the water."

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See the Autos new home at Happy Hollow Park and Zoo!

Happy Hollow is owned and operated by the city of San Jose and funded by local tax dollars. Many new attractions at the park are constructed by donations and fund raising events from the community. Happy  Hollow hope to raise over $500,000  to bring back the autos back out of storage and onto the beautiful grounds of the park