By Wild Bill Kelsey


About 10 or 15 years ago, I was working on a TV shoot with an all

free lance crew.  One of the guys (an old friend) called me "Wild

Bill".  Another younger guy whom I'd never met said, "Why did that

fella call you 'Wild Bill'?"   I replied that I'd once worked at a

western theme park and that "Wild Bill" was my "handle".  He said,

"That wasn't Frontier Village, was it?"  I said, "Yes, why?"  To make

a long story short, it turned out that he had gone to The Village as

child, all turned out in his chaps and cap gun, and was chosen to

help the Undertaker.  He remembered me as the outlaw and thought that

it was the highlight of his childhood.   He remembered being lifted

up on my legs and the "make a wish" gag, the whole nine yards.   This

has happened on other occasions and is always gratifying.