The History of the Marshal 
Part V

Aside from Randy Mitchell and Curt Daniels, some other notable entertainers earned their spurs as FV entertainers: Steve Stroth, Bob Moulthrop, Bill Perry, Tom Gaylord and Don Gwinn and Tim Cole to name a few.... (sorry if we left someone out; there have been so many great ones).

As was previously mentioned, while the Village was still open, Paul Bell (a Village undertaker at the time), Curt Daniels and Randy Mitchell formed a gunfight group called the "Guns of the Old West", but was eventually changed to "Guns-West" (it's final moniker). At the time, Curt Daniels was majoring in Television and minoring in Drama at San Jose State College. Curt did not lack confidence in his ability to put a show together and was the producer for their first big show: the Fiesta De Las Rosas. Curt hired bullwhip artist Mark Wennger from Southern California to beef up the show and asked Chuck Lowe to become the MC. What the Guns-West group learned from that experience was that they were a much stronger team with Chuck's involvement. Paul Bell left and he kept the rights to the original name in exchange for the other gunfighters keeping the set. This eventually (in part) led to the creation of the Fall Guys; the group stayed together after the park closed. Chuck clearly emerged as the leader in terms of group organization and negotiations with management, and clearly the creative force in the comedic and narrative elements of the Fall Guys shows. Choreography and staging of the stunts was always a group effort. Curt was a major contributor to this part of the act. There are many stories, some of them painful, of Randy and Curt learning to duplicate (by trial and error) stunts they had seen in movies. It was at one of these sessions (in Curt's parents' backyard) that gave birth to the famous flying drop-kick, a move that took it's inspiration from pro wrestling and not B-Westerns. When the Village closed in September of 1980, the Fall Guys remained together. Chuck added many former Village employees to the Fall Guy crew list; Allen, Clyde, Bill Perry, Steve Stroth and Bob Moulthrop to name a few. The Fall Guys still perform from time to time as schedules permit.

This Marshal History written by Allen Weitzel and the Fall Guys, with additional notes by Ed Hutton, Joseph Zukin, Jr. and Wild Bill Kelsey.