Summer Picnic, June 29, 2002


Main Gate to the 2002 RFV Picnic!

Mat selling tickets for the site and picnic.
A special thanks to all that bought raffle tickets!

Prize Contributors:
Bonfante Gardens       Paramount's Great America
  Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk        Winchester Mystery House


Cindy McGehee greeting the guests.
 The picnic would not have been a sucess without the help of Shaughnessy McGehee! Thank you!!!!


Bob Baranick (right) once worked at the Village as a young model maker for Laurie Hollings. Later, Bob went on to become one of the most respected and innovative Imaginers at Disney. Bob brought one of his prize models to the picnic, a scale model of the FV train station that he built when he was a teenager.


Claire Mix, a music teacher and song writer, composed a very special song remembering Frontier Village. The kids singing are called "The Mixer Kids" and they sing in Claire's choir in Roseville,  They are in the  process of making a new CD which "The Village" will be featured.

The song is basically a personal story about my experience as a child at FV. The part where is says, "...Whirling 'round on the Ferris wheel..." I spent HOURS on that thing, and it was always the last ride I rode before we had to go home. "...Breaking down on old 99..." This actually happened once, my brother Eric and I was riding in Old 99 and it suddenly stopped in the tunnel, it was the thrill of our lives when the ride operator said we could actually run through tunnel and back to the line. "...Screaming on the Stampede,..." My friend Kathy and I used to have screaming contests on the this particular ride "...riding the burros..." Favorite ride was this one as a small child..." "...Crying in the Dutchman Mine..." The first time I ever rode this ride, I cried like a baby, scared to death. "...the old School House with the cat on the board..." I adored the school house, and for some reason, I remember that cat drawn on the board so clearly, so I HAD to put it in the song. Learn more about Claire at

Lead vocalist - Liana Trafton (11 years old) Back up vocals - Amanda Johnson (15) Tiffany Osgood (12) Emily Funk (13) Kristin and Caitlin Gamba (13)


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