Summer Picnic, June 26, 2004


Main Gate to the 2004 RFV Picnic!

Michael McGehee showing off his dad's genuine Antique Auto. Bravo to Shaughnessy for saving and preserving part of FV!

Prize Contributors:
Cupertino Inn       Paramount's Great America
          Winchester Mystery House
Chuck E. Cheese 


Cindy McGehee greeting the guests.
 A big thanks again to the McGehee's for all your dedication to the picnic!


This year we can thank the city of San Jose in helping keep FV alive. The new play ground has a very familiar theme, including the train station and mine ride.

The "Ferrisnaut" is back!
Jeff Block shared his adventurous tale of riding the Ferris Wheel for a whopping 37 days at FV back in 1978  .

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Elliott and Brian

Tami Garner with Allen Weitzel

A touch of the past

Pat Hanna and Shaughnessy  McGhee

Ed Hutton

Mat and Shaughnessy 

Warren Weitzel

Randy and Shaughnessy 

All employees that worked at FV in the 60's.

Ed and Gene Gilbert


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