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Me (Greg Francis) with the bald head and my stylish Mom holding the door that automatically popped open! It would actually startle people sometimes, I would stand on the outside of the fence and watch people get scared even more because it was unexpected.

Greg Francis somewhere up on top with cousin Vinny and Dad with a flattop getting ready to ride! I like the getup those cowboys are wearing!

Cousin Vinny, Greg Francis and sister Julia taking off for our ride. One thing cool about this ride was there was a platform that ran along the donkeys (burros) to aid in getting on and off with ease!

Cousin Vinny and Denise, riding the nice Antique Auto's

I believe this is an Indian Island pow wow dance with kids

Greg Francis Dad and cousin Vinny on the Ferris Wheel


John Galberth and his daughter Tracie in1962 and in 2002


Pictures from Deb (Hagler Peeples) Wong circa 1966 & 1976

Terri Corneth

Terri and Dad (Bill Corneth)

San Jose native Ron Hernandez shares his family photo collection. Ron is the little guy in the green shirt. If Ron looks familiar to you, it is because he was featured driving an Antique Auto in a FV postcard.

College roommates, Adele (Del) Tolley Wilson and Joyce Schow Terry, 1972.